How to Spend Your Year-End Budget Wisely: Use It, Don't Lose It
By Steve Kirsh

It's late in the calendar year and you know the drill. There is money left in your marketing budget and you've got to spend or it will disappear, a phenomenon known in the marketing world as "Use it or Lose It." Before the minutes tick down on 2018, why not kickoff those few remaining marketing projects you intend to undertake in January?

Whether it's strategic planning for your 2019 roadmap, a social media campaign, or brand development, they can be paid for in advance from your current budget.

But where do you begin?

Simple. Within 48 hours of your inquiry, Khameleon Group will match you with several creative agencies that offer a personalized approach to help you meet your year-end marketing goals. And our resourcing service is free.

Enlist the Help of a Unique Resourcing Agency

One of the "use it or lose it" challenges for marketing departments is in finding enough time and resources to implement initiatives in advance. This is where the expertise of a resourcing agency such as Khameleon Group becomes invaluable.

The boutique agencies Khameleon Group connect you to will help you achieve your creative goals on time and within budget. This is not about relying on an algorithm to put things in motion. Ours is a personalized approach in which we hand-select boutique agencies that are right for you based on your unique circumstances.

Here are some distinct advantages of Khameleon Group's approach:

  • Targeted.  Regardless of how specialized your project or obscure your industry, Khameleon Group connect you to the right boutique agency with a built-in understanding of your desires and needs.

  • Speed.  With December 31 fast approaching there is no time to waste. Within 48 hours of your inquiry, you will be on your way to implementing the initiatives you have defined.

  • Reliability. Your project goals will be achieved on time and within budget due to the close relationships we maintain with some of the most experienced creative agencies in the business.  The agency you select will get the job done with a premium placed on quality and efficiency.

Turn Your Year-End Dilemma into an Advantage

Our match-making approach is dynamic, collaborative and designed to fit with your unique needs. With Khameleon Group, you can confidently turn your "use it or lose it" situation into a distinct advantage, so when January 1 rolls around you’ll be well ahead of the game.

Steve Kirsh is Founder + Managing Partner of Khameleon Group, a free business matchmaking service that saves businesses like yours months of time searching for the right design, development or branding agency. Learn more at Khameleon Group.