Beyond a Request for Proposal (RFP): A New Approach for Finding a Creative Agency
By Steve Kirsh

Rest in Peace RFP. Hail to a New Innovation

Everyday digital media has created a world that necessitates closer agency-client relationships when selecting an ideal marketing mix and creating content that gets results.

The modern buyer demands thorough, relevant, and verifiable information before making a purchase. But do you communicate it? The process comes from developing rich informational content that agencies can only create through an intimate understanding of client needs. Conventional requests for proposal are simply too transactional to meet the dynamic needs of today's businesses world. The bottom line is that both agencies and clients are turning away from RFPs on account of several limitations:

  • A top-down approach. Customized solutions require close collaboration and listening. The top-down approach of RFPs limits an agency's ability to tailor its solutions to address specific client needs.

  • RFPs are slow. In a world where innovation occurs at a rapid pace, spending six months getting through the bidding process is simply not competitive.

  • Uncertainty and risks. Without sufficient input from clients, agencies have to conservatively account for unknown factors when drafting their proposals. Elevated risks mean higher costs for both agencies and their clients.

  • Outdated narrow assumptions. RFPs artificially force agencies to work in their own "silos" at all stages of the buying process. Conversely, cross-functional teams, will bring success in today's business environment of increasing specialization.

The new rules of marketing are here to stay. The Internet has introduced an almost unlimited flexibility in terms of how a creative agency can help you reach potential customers.

Creative firms can leverage websites, social platforms and a host of other tools to send a mix of videos, photos, articles, and other media to potential buyers. Traditional advertising, by contrast, had very limited flexibility. You could run a 30-second commercial, buy a full-page newspaper advertisement, or send mailers to targeted buyers.

In short, success in the digital age requires a multi-channel approach that has made the old guard obsolete: a traditional approach that falls short to deliver by present-day standards.

A Better Approach to Agency Selection

The limited competitiveness of RFPs in the digital age is driving innovation. Khameleon Group is pioneering a new approach that is enabling businesses to choose the right agencies without relying on outdated RFPs.

This resourcing approach is highly personalized and enables Khameleon Group to match your business with the highly skilled free-lancers or boutique agencies. We can connect you to the right fit in less than 48 hours. Matched agencies are prepared to get started immediately, so you can get your project launched with minimal delay.

Khameleon Group adds value by acting as a true consultant with deep knowledge of available creative agencies. We partner with a vast range of companies to acquire in-depth knowledge of their abilities to meet tight deadlines, achieve creative goals, and work within the limits of budget constraints.

By also understanding your needs before initiating the selection process, Khameleon Group’s small- to medium-size agencies can hit the mark by avoiding a conventional, cookie-cutter approach.

Why Khameleon Group?

Khameleon Group typifies how a non-RFP approach can help you choose the right creative partner for your next project. With reduced lead times and strategies that enables agencies to tailor their solutions to your unique needs, Khameleon Group and the creative agencies we partner with will help drive your business forward.